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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Investment means more than
200 new jobs for Charleston, Kanawha Valley

CHARLESTON, W.VA (August 15, 2008) – TRG Customer Solutions, the proprietary technology and outsourcing company formerly known as Telespectrum, has announced it will be expanding its Charleston facility and hiring more than 200 new employees.

“TRG was considering a new expansion in its global network, and with locations all around the world, they had several alternative locations to consider,” said Matt Ballard, president and CEO of the Charleston Area Alliance.

“Thankfully, after working with the site consultant on this project and with our peers at the West Virginia Development Office and the Governor's Office, we were able to propose a package that resulted in the company choosing Charleston for its next expansion,” Ballard continued. “The new employees will have competitive wages, health care and retirement options”

The expansion means a capital investment in the TRG Charleston facility, located in the Southridge Business Park along Corridor G. It currently employs more than 200 at the location.

The 24,911-square-foot first facility opened in 1996 as SOMAR, Inc., a telecommunications firm based in North Carolina. It was the first company to locate in the business park. The original investment totaled more than $2.4 million.

TRG ­– The Resource Group – became the new owner at the end of a 10-year lease that Telespectrum Worldwide, Inc. had in place with the Business and Industrial Development Corporation (BIDCO). BIDCO was one of three organizations that combined to create the Charleston Area Alliance in 2004.

The call center was originally built to accommodate 254 workstations and had 305 parking spaces. An additional parcel was acquired in 1998 to expand the parking if required in the future. This additional parcel, which TRG now owns, would allow for continued growth.

“TRG has ownership in the community,” said Mike Aeiker, Charleston Area Alliance vice president, who has been working with the project since its inception. “That's why Charleston was on their list of possible locations to grow their business. And I would hope the work force had a major role in their decision, as well. …This expansion also will benefit the local businesses in the area.”

TRG boasts a broad knowledge of industry, including the automotive, health care, insurance, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. It offers voice and non-voice communications, along with data analysis. The company’s technological capabilities include intelligent call mapping, emotional response management and universal agent contact.

“We are proud of this project,” said Alliance Chairman Jack Rossi. “We’ve worked with TRG for many years, and we are encouraged by its continued growth and investment in the Charleston area.”

“This announcement is a testament to the region’s ongoing growth,” Ballard added. “It’s yet another step in creating a more vibrant community and prosperous economy. We are very excited.”


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