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Monday, June 08, 2009

Have a great idea to help your community?

Then apply for a Do Something Grant!

What is a Do Something Grant?

Did you recently create a sustainable community action project, program or organization or have a great idea for helping your community? Do you need $500 to further the growth and success of your program or turn your idea into reality? If you answered, "YES!", you are eligible to apply for a Do Something Grant.

How many grants are you giving out and for how much?

Over the course of 2009 we will be giving out 52 $500 Do Something Grants. One a week for the whole year!

Eligibility Rules:

The applicant must be 25 OR UNDER.

The applicant must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen (You will be asked to prove citizenship and age if you win).

You can only win one grant from Do Something in a twelve month period (excluding the Do Something Award).

Do Something Grants can not be used to fund:

Travel Costs (If you are looking for grants to help you cover a travel abroad experince check out or
Individual Sponsorships
Shipping Costs
Individual School Fees (Do Something Grants are not educational scholarships)

Steps to Apply:

CREATE A PROJECT POSTING for your existing project.
*Helpful Hint: You will notice that the categories on the project posting are similar to those on the application. Your project posting is a public place for you to let others know about your project. Your application is private and what the judges see. Keep you project brief and concise in your project posting and go into more detail in your application.

The Application:

Our grant application questions follow Do Something's "Path to Change".You will need the following to complete your application:Required
A budget detailing how the $500 will be used
A recommendation from a non-family member
Optional (but recommended)
Links to photos and video of your project
Your project's website

How do I go back and edit my application?

You can edit your application by logging into, going to MY ACCOUNT (On the top right side of the site, right above the "Sign Up" box.

What criteria do the judges use when judging my application?

CLICK HERE to view our judging criteria

How do I find out if I won?

Do Something Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once your complete Do Something Grant application is submitted your application will remain active for consideration for two months. Once your application is no longer eligible you will be notified by email. If you are chosen as a winner you will be notified by phone.

I am getting an error or "Access Denied" message when I try to apply.

If you are having trouble posting a project or viewing the application it is most likely because you have not verified your email address. When you created a log in for the Do Something site you were sent an email. In that email there is link to verify your email address. Check your junk mail. If you can't find the email or are still having trouble please submit a help ticket with our tech department. Ben, will get back to you pronto.*****

Having other technical issues? CLICK HERE Have non-technical questions? Email or WHEN INQUIRING ABOUT A GRANT, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME AND PROJECT LINK.



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