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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Online Tax Filing for West Virginia Businesses Expands

West Virginia State Tax Commissioner Christopher G. Morris has announced the expansion of the West Virginia State Tax Department’s “MyTaxes," an online Business Taxpayer services system.

“MyTaxes has been an enormous success thus far for both the Taxpayer and the State Tax Department,” Morris said. “I am proud to say more businesses will benefit as we continue to improve the system by moving 11 taxes onto the new online tax filing system.”

As of October 14, 2008, Business Taxpayers who must remit the following taxes are be able to view, file and pay taxes on the Tax Department’s new, secure website called :

severance tax
coal severance tax
coal reclamation tax
waste coal severance tax
workers’ compensation severance tax
timber severance tax
solid waste assessment fees
telecommunications tax
healthcare provider severance tax
healthcare provider broad based tax

Previously these taxes could not be filed electronically.

“By making these taxes available for online processing, a total of 222,000 taxpayers will now be able to remit their taxes easily, efficiently and accurately,” Commissioner Morris said.

“MyTaxes does not close. Since May, more than 13,000 Taxpayers have filed various taxes, like Sales and Use, and Withholding taxes, through the web site at all hours of the day and night. The 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access has improved compliance and the Tax Department has collected more than $189 million in taxes through the MyTaxes web site.”

MyTaxes enables businesses to electronically manage their accounts. Among other benefits, users can create their own log in access for the system, amend returns, view and file multiple accounts at one time, schedule future payments, view and file returns for prior periods, as well as easily change their mailing address. The previous electronic filing web page for Business Taxpayers did not offer these services.

“MyTaxes is helping businesses cut back on their paper work and man power hours,” Morris said, “enabling them to get back to their business faster than ever before.”

MyTaxes will continue to expand with an anticipated completion date of August 2009. Visit today at


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