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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Charleston Area Alliance Visits Elkins Chamber of Commerce

It was a pleasure for me to speak to a sister organization today, the Elkins/Randolph County Chamber of Commerce.

I was invited by Ellen Spears, Executive Director of the Chamber. Ellen is really dong a great job in her role, leading the Chamber of Commerce along with a great board and enthusiastic community. During the trip I was impressed as I have always been with Elkins.

My history with Elkins began during my undergraduate experience at Alderson Broaddus College and during my nursing education, my first rotation was at Davis Memorial Hospital. I spent about two days a week in Elkins for two semesters. I have always really liked CJ Maggies eatery in Elkins, the Chicken Dijon being my favorite dish, although I can't claim I have had everything on the menu.

A recently rehabilitated train station, city square and most impressive, American Mountain Theater. You will not believe this place. Amazing. You must check out the web site above. If you want to spend the night and see a performance at the American Mountain Theater, you can stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Elkins, the newly constructed Hampton Inn, or even the Graceland Mansion, picture above. I took a very quick tour of the mansion with Ellen, and WOW, this is an amazing place I want to visit again!
Until next time,

Matthew Ballard
President, Charleston Area Alliance

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At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about self promoting. This blog should be about the Charleston area alliance and its good work...not matt ballard.


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